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Are You A Blood Scrooge?

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September 6th, 2008

09:56 pm - Um...
On a helpful, but useless note, I'll just make sure you all know that peach_bug and I are the one and the same. I'm going on a trip this fall and the other account was built for blogging to friends and family from Spain and France.
Why a different account? I'm just a tad kooky like that.
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03:42 pm - I did it!

under a cut as it's a long postCollapse )

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June 5th, 2008

10:07 pm - Saying hello there

Hi...I wanted to give blood yesterday and I actually ended up being turned away by the National Blood Service (I'm in the UK). The main reasonm they gave was because I have AUTISM (asperger syndrome,actually) but I think it's because I'm dead scared of needles and stuff and was obviously very nervous (I had trouble giving all the details to them because of nerves. They tried to contact a doctor to see if I was able to donate but they could'nt get through. I ended up bursting into tears on the spot and my friend had to help me out of there.

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March 24th, 2008

02:30 pm - *sob*
Sorry LJ, it has to be said. Go...Facebook. They are doing some mighty fine work for the blood needy peoples and vampires out there.
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March 23rd, 2008

01:21 pm
Hi there! 

First of all what a fantastic idea for a community :-)

I'm actually here out of pure curiosity. I am a regular blood donor myself. My last donation was my 18th pint.

I also work for the national blood service in the UK. Yes, I'm one of the nasty people who stabs people with needles and asks about your sex life!

I'm looking forward to hear peoples stories and experiences.

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March 19th, 2008

07:36 pm - So...Yea.

To introduce a bit of peach_bug, I'll start by simply explaining my place as a blood scrooge. As with many fellow human beings, I have a rabid dislike of needles, though blood has never fazed me much (who hasn't skinned their knee?). When previous suggestions of blood donations had come up, I had jokingly referenced myself as a 'blood scrooge', someone who wanted all the blood and none of the giving. Don't get me wrong. I volunteer in a hospital, I care a great deal about the people recieving the blood, it was just all a bit...needly? So today, I went to give my first blood donation alongside my grand friend momofreckles (I'll let her tell her own story...), went through the pricking and the prodding, the questions (Have you ever had sex with a Taiwanese prostitute in a Motel 6 in 1997...?), and nervous waiting until I finally got to the big chair. They poked me with the big needle, the blood started to go, I was cheering myself on, then it stopped. The blood just stopped going and I was informed that I had clotted with extraordinary speed. My blood couldn't go to a needy individual (the anticoagulant in the bag needs to be at a certain ratio, blah blah blah...) but apparently it may be used to help studying medical students, so it went to some use. Still, I fell...unfulfilled. So why not make an LJ community?

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07:32 pm - Hi
Welcome to Blood Scrooges, a community for those who can't or won't donate blood, but want to support those who can and will. The maintainers, such as myself and momofreckles, are always open to suggestions, stories, facts, and information. Feel free to post anything that catches your fancy in regard to donors or blood donation. Thanks so much for making a difference, even if it's one tiny online community at a time... 
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